Excel with dBuilder ERP

Managing Control by creatively automating Administration

The dBuilder is a cloud integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite of applications.

By automating admnistration, the dBuilder delivers business control by managing quality through standards.

Product layout, construction, assembly, operational and task planning through quoting, invoicing, purchasing, detailed documentation, supplier rates, order and booking requests, financial accounting, profitability analysis and reporting.

Mounted in Microsoft Office, using Excel as foundation, the dBuilder offers a functional and familiar working environment.  User ramp-up is seemless.

dBuilder Applications
  • #Tourism - DMC.
  • #Ops - Back Office.
  • #Recon - Accounting.
  • #Task - Workflow.
Top 5 Benefits
  • Easy to use.
  • Microsoft Office.
  • No SQL Server.
  • On/Off-line and remote.

The dBuilder is user-friendly and flexibly engineered to suit your operational requirements.

Interfaced with external software systems such as accounting packages we ensure reliably efficient error free intergration .  Segregated data to amalgamated information, a business must have.

The dBuilder is a P3Projects owned OEM software product, developed in-house in conjunction with industry leaders.

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